I was told that bios are written in the third person so here goes….

Kevin Okwako is interested in bringing peace to the hearts of people through sharing the love of God expressing this love to people through deeds. He is keen on writing about his personal spiritual growth and Kingdom principles he has learnt all in a simple and Christian (scriptural) manner; a baby step approach to understanding God’s ways that has worked for him. On his spare time, he enjoys trying out new things like writing about himself in the third person.

Stuff I spend time doing

Lots of reading about everything; books take me to a world beyond myself! Spending time with some of the not so well off kids that we sponsor through school is so dear to me; these are some of the funniest people I know of, I guess joy comes from within. Dancing with my baby sister is always a blast; she is always in stitches because of my two left feet.

Business Developer by vocation, Engineer by training and a Child of God by right.

What fascinates me?

  • The differences that we have, making each of us unique…special interest in accents 🙂
  • How there are so many stars just before dawn around 4a.m. I guess even the shy stars are out at that time.
  • The genius behind the internet and smartphones (android..dah!), the world is now in our hands literally.

My perfect world would be…

  • A place where pizza is a healthy food
  • Instead of war we settle conflicts with street dances- you got served
  • Most important though is me being able to do a cartwheel, I think that dream went as I grew taller and the ground seemed further away.

I do believe that we all have something to offer this world, but because we do not know how to do it we fall short. As we walk together, it will become easier to do the eternal and timeless in a contemporary and timely way.


4 comments on “ABOUT

  1. Great job, and may the Lord direct your steps as your serve Him. keep up the good work you are doing, am proud of you.

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